General services:

  • Training for assessors for competency test of prospective halal supervisors, procedures for the stages of halal certification, procedures and licensing of BPOM
  • Studies on Islamic Banking and Financial Development
  • Studies on Halal Industrial Area/Park
  • Studies on Islamic Cultural Heritage and Tourism
  • Empowerment of Muslim Women Entrepreneurs
  • Cooperation in organizing halal product exhibitions / expos
  • Coordination with Islamic organizations related to sharia economics
  • Publishing newsletters, books, magazines, etc. on Islamic economics
  • Consultation of student organizations related to Islamic economics
  • Sharia economic planning and development consultation


Scope of Programs of CIMHI:


  • Islamic Banking
  • Islamic Finance
  • Islamic Entrepreneurship, Start-up and SME’s
  • Halal Value Chain
  • Halal Logistic & Warehousing
  • Halal Supply Chain
  • Islamic Marketing

Education and Training

  • Islamic Banking
  • Islamic Finance
  • Islamic Entrepreneurship
  • Islamic Financial Planning
  • Islamic Work Ethics
  • Halal Certification
  • Halal Value Chain
  • Islamic Social Fund


  • Islamic Financial Planning
  • Market Research on Halal Industry
  • Business Model of Halal Industry (Halal Food & Beverage)
  • Business Plan/Feasibility on Halal Industry
  • Business Innovation on Halal Industry

Community Service

  • Halal Certification for SME
  • Islamic Entrepreneurship
  • Islamic Financial Planning
  • Islamic Rural Entrepreneurship (BUMDES)